Amish Buggy Ride – an example of using MovieMaker

We are currently in Elkhart, Indiana.  We’re here for the Gypsy Journal Rally last week, and the Escapade next week.  Last Friday we were invited by our friends from TechnoRV to join them for dinner at an Amish Family’s home.  In addition to dinner, they would take us on a horse and buggy ride if we wanted to go. 

Amish Dinner

The dinner was excellent.  Family style – 17 of us sat around a long dinner table and passed the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad, chicken, corn, bread, and apple butter.  All homemade.  Mostly home-grown.  You could see the corn in the field outside the window!  It was delicious!  So good that I had no room for the homemade apple pie at dessert.  But I did share a piece! 

We enjoyed the dinner and conversation so much that we stayed for quite a while.  Late enough that it started to get dark. It was then that it really sunk in … this house has *no* electricity.  They do use propane for their refrigerator and an excellent, bright lamp.

Horse and Buggy Ride

The highlight was the horse and buggy ride.  We took a couple of pictures – we were told that it was OK as long as we didn’t photograph our hosts – and I turned the camera to video for a minute as we went clop-clopping down the road.

Put pictures and video together with Moviemaker

The video is just a minute of the actual buggy ride.  We wanted the pictures to be combined with the video to give you the whole experience.  Windows Live Moviemaker makes this quite easy.  It is a free program from Microsoft, available for Vista and Windows 7. 

Steps in MovieMaker

  1. Add Videos and Photos
  2. Arrange videos and photos
  3. Add Music
  4. Click Automovie.  This will add pan and zoom effects to photos, transitions between elements, title slides at the beginning and end, *and* fit everything to the time of the music!
  5. Choose ‘Publish Movie to Youtube.’

Creating movies can be an extremely time-intensive endeavor.  But, with Moviemaker, it can take just a few minutes from camera to the web!

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