How to Find Images / Clipart

clipart We all know that pictures are worth a thousand words. But how do we find the picture that says the right thing? There are millions of images available to us now on the Internet. Did you know that you can ‘google’ for pictures just like you can google for anything else?

Let’s say you wanted an image of a motorhome. You can just google for motorhome, then find the little link that says ‘images.’


Now, instead of 41,000,000 results just for ‘motorhome’, you should be seeing around 1,250,000 images of motorhomes. If you see an image you like, you can right-click on it and either ‘copy image’ or ‘save picture as’ to grab yourself a copy of that image.

Copyright Free Images

But, those pictures that Google found for you may belong to someone else. If you’re just using it for something for yourself, that’s one thing, but if you want it for a brochure or website for example, that’s something else. You should find images that are copyright free. If you google for copyright free clipart, you will find a lot, but many of them come with spyware attached. It’s important to trust your source.

I use Microsoft clipart for free, copyright-free images. You can search for just about anything and you can get results that include drawings, or photographs or both. I searched for ‘RV’ to get that group of clipart above. Microsoft gets their images on a promotional basis from some of the best names in the business.

Professional Images

If I need really good images, I’m willing to pay a few dollars to iStockPhoto. It truly blows me away the quality of the photos you can get for just a few dollars. I use them for all the websites I build. When using a photo on a website, you only need the smallest image. It costs more for the larger ones, but they’re really unneccessary on the web.

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