Updates are Like Rabbits

updatesUpdates, Updates, all those *maddening* updates. I just have to vent. Updates are important, and I will continue to accept them and wait for them to install, but OMG they’ve become SO numerous.

If you live in a house and have a hardwired Internet connection, you probably don’t notice it so much. Just leave your computer on and update automatically. But for folks who travel and have spotty Internet connections, we can spend all of our time downloading updates. I bought a new computer last fall, but the old one still works OK and I keep it in the bedroom to play an occasional movie, or watch TV with a USB TV tuner. Last night I turned it on for the first time in a couple weeks. It had 28 updates waiting to download and install. I fell asleep before it finished!

Ten to fifteen years ago, when Jim was a network administrator, he would often put off updating for a couple months, until they had proven themselves. We don’t have that  luxury today, you must update.

Windows comes out with updates once each month, and sometimes more. There are two reasons for updates – to add functionality and to fix bugs. Most bugs today are about security. And, it’s not just Windows. It seems like Adobe Acrobat (necessary for viewing .pdf files) has sent updates almost every week this last couple months. And, programs like your anti-virus software, and Picasa. And now I have updates for the operating system and apps on my Droid cellphone too!

You really need to plug those security holes so you need to get the updates installed ASAP. But, if you feel like cursing at all those updates … I hear you!

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One Response to Updates are Like Rabbits

  1. John Gaines says:

    I agree with the fustrations of required updates with PC’s, but here is a case where the same issue applies to Apple products. OS X machines also require frequent, large updates.

    Speaking of large, that is another problem. If you are on Hughesnet you have a daily download limit of 200 mb. That limit can be exceeded by the updates which then limits your ability to actually download those updates. When I know I have updates to download I can at least schedule them for the Hughesnet “free time,” but with Windows updates I often do not have that choice.

    I guess it is another thing we learn to live with…

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