Sharing your Photo Story 3 movie

Last week I told you about Photo Story 3, a great way to make a movie from your photos. But, once you get the movie completed, then what? It plays great on your computer, but the people you want to share it with aren’t sitting next to you, they may be scattered all over the country.

Photo Story 3 can render your movie small enough to send as an email attachment, but it’s awfully tiny. If you have your own website, you can upload the full-size video (a .wmv file ) and set up a link so people can download and view it. This will be the highest quality. Macintosh users won’t be able to view it properly though – see the comments to last weeks’ post. Uploading videos to is probably the most popular method of sharing videos. That is really quite easy. You need to set up a Youtube account – it’s free – then use their ‘upload’ tool to get your video online.

Here is a video I just made for this blog post. It is 7 photos with music and narration added by Photo Story 3. I used all three of the above techniques to share it with you. You can click on each of them to see the difference.

1. Email size video: 269k

2. Full-size .wmv file hosted on my website: 2.23 megabytes, be patient!

3. Full-size .wmv file uploaded to you will need the Flash viewer. Those are three choices, but there is a 4th – and it’s my favorite. Use Picasa! You’ve probably heard of Picasa for managing your digital photos. Picasa makes it one-click easy to upload your photos to a web album. If you want to learn how, watch the videos on my website. Web Albums are provided free of charge courtesy of Google, the owner of Picasa. What many people don’t know is that Picasa will upload videos to your web album as well as photos.

4. Full-size .wmv file uploaded to Picasa Web Album

How to upload a video from Picasa

Both Youtube and Picasa Web Albums convert the movie to a flash format and compress it. The quality suffers in the process, but I think the Picasa version is at least as good as the Youtube, and I like having the video in the same location as all my photos. Chris Guld

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2 Responses to Sharing your Photo Story 3 movie

  1. mel says:

    Is there any way I can put my resulting wmv file that i get from photo story 3 onto a DVD that will play on DVD players ( operating system on my computer is win 7- pro -64 bit) . The wmv file that I get frrom photo story 3 wil only play on computers and I tried to get it converted on roxio crator pro 2010 so it will play on DVD players — and that doesnt work –

    Any suggestions? thanks in advance


    • chrisadmin says:

      Yes. If you have Windows Vista or 7, you just use the built in DVDMaker. If XP, then go back to the page where you downloaded Photo Story from Microsoft and you’ll see a link to buy a $20 add-in.

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