Droid watches Traffic

by Chris Guld, www.GeeksOnTour.com:  We were recently at a State Park in Georgia (Fort McAllister – a wonderful park) when a fellow traveler advised us that we might want to avoid I-95 on our way south.  “There is a lot of construction on I-95 between here and Florida”, he said.

We heeded his warning, but also have our own reluctance to travel on two lane roads with a lot of stop and go.  So, we decided to check the map on our Droid app phone.  It has a layer you can turn on for Traffic information.  Here’s what we saw:


You can click on the picture for a larger image.  The fat green line going vertical is I-95.  If traffic was moving slowly it would be colored yellow or even red.  This is real time traffic data.

We decided to take I-95 after all.  Yes, there was definitely construction going on, but it did not slow down traffic

The Droid continues to delight and amaze us.  If you have a Motorola Droid from Verizon, you can see this traffic feature by touching the ‘Map’ app icon (it comes with your phone, it’s Google Maps – all free.)  Once the map is displayed, then touch the menu button on the Droid -  


and you’ll see an option for ‘Layers.’  Traffic is one of the layers you can turn on.  Touch it, and you’ll see the green checkmark – and you’ll be back at the map with the traffic data showing up.

If you don’t have the Droid, do you use any other traffic data tool?

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