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Blogger is, by far, the easiest system out there for creating a blog. And, it keeps getting better. Make sure to read our recent article: Re-Energize your Travel Blog. It includes a video to show you how to find and use lots of 3d party templates.

Whenever I need to make a complete website, including a blog and other ‘static’ pages – I usually turn to WordPress – it is a blogging system with the ability to also make pages. We will be teaching a WordPress seminar at the upcoming FMCA Convention in Albuquerque, and you can download a copy of the class handout if you’re interested in learning about blogging with WordPress.

Now using the super-simple Blogger system, they have added the ability to make Pages. Cool. Simple *and* complete! You have to look close. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on ‘New Post.’ Now, look at your menu options. You should see ‘Edit Pages.’ Then you can click on ‘New Page.’

Blogger pages

So, why do you want to do this? What is a page? When you create a page, the process is exactly like creating a normal blog post. You type text, add pictures, and add links just like you’re accustomed to. But a page will exist outside the normal flow of dated post entries. It’s separate. So, if you use Blogger to create a Travel Journal, most of your content will be dated entries that will be sorted so that you see the most recent one first and they go back in time as you scroll down the page. What if you want to create a separate page for ‘About Us?’ That’s not something that should be listed in date order along with the other entries, it’s separate. Or you want one page with an overall map of your travels? Once again, not something that can be included in the list of dated entries.

You create a page by clicking on that ‘New Page’ button pictured above. When you click ‘Publish’, you’ll see one more option before you’re done:

Blogger page

When you have pages, you need some way for your readers to navigate to those pages. Blogger gives you the choice of creating a menu across the top, or over in the sidebar. Try them both and see what you like. They’re not very fancy. If you ever want to change how your menu of pages appears – you’ll find that in the Layout section under Add and Arrange Page Elements. Any new pages you create will automatically be added to the menu.

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