Windows 7 after 4 months

I bought a new computer last November. It has Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit operating system. I was worried that my old but important programs from Adobe (Dreamweaver and Fireworks) were not going to work, but, as it turns out that hasn’t been a problem. My screen goes black for a second every time I open or close them, but they work OK – so I can hold off on purchasing the upgrades :-) Other than that, it took me a while to find anything to say about Windows 7. That’s because it’s not remarkable for what it does, but rather for what it doesn’t do.

It doesn’t crash.

With Windows Vista, XP, Windows 98, and even earlier, I would need to restart my computer at least every couple of days. You see, I use my computers hard. I never have less than 3 applications going, and often 7 or 8 applications in addition to 10 or 12 Websites. That has always resulted in a computer that gets bogged down and needs to be given a clean start before I can work again. It was not unusual to have to restart my computer more than once in a day. Now, with Windows 7, I’ll go a week or even 10 days before noticing, ‘OMG, I haven’t restarted the computer in so long!’ Even then, it rarely crashes, but it may alert me that I have so much going on that I’m running low on memory (and that’s usually when I have both Dreamweaver and Fireworks running.) I’ll restart to clear it out. This is a very good thing.

Learning to use Windows 7 is almost the same as learning Vista. For our Members, you can see all our Vista ‘Show-Me’ videos on the Members’ Home Page. If you’re not a member, you can view the free videos on our Vista page. We will have some Windows 7-specific videos sometime this summer, meanwhile, Microsoft provides lots of good help and training on Windows 7.

It’s not that much different from Vista – but it is quite a bit different from XP. If you’re still using XP – we do not recommend upgrading your computer to Windows 7. New operating systems are primarily structured to work on new hardware. There is no reason to upgrade your XP machine to Windows 7 – we adhere to the saying ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!’

But …

If you’re buying a new computer, don’t ask to go back to XP! Following the same logic as above – new hardware works best with new operating systems. You wouldn’t buy a new car and ask to put an old engine in it would you?

See our past article on ‘7 Tips for Buying a New Computer‘ for more thoughts on your purchase decision.

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