Using Gmail for All your Mail

Jim just bought a Droid smartphone and he’ll be able to read and write his email on that little device now. So, what does he do when he’s sitting at his computer and sees the same email sitting in his Outlook inbox? He’s using the web-based Gmail program to read all his mail on the Droid. And, Outlook is programmed to download his email to his computer – creating a duplicate set of email.

To eliminate this dilemma, he’s decided to use Gmail for everything. The program can fetch his email and his mail as well as his mail. All 3 sets of email will be collected in his inbox. Then he can use the web-based gmail program on his laptop, and be looking at the exact same thing from his Droid.

This is an example of ‘Cloud Computing’ where none of your data resides on your computer, rather it resides on the Internet … in the clouds … and you just use a computing device to connect to it.

You can use Gmail without using a gmail address

There are two ways to set up gmail to get email from your other addresses.

  1. You can import all email and contacts from your other email. Then just use your address from that point forward.
  2. You can set up the gmail program to fetch your other email and collect it in your gmail inbox. You can also set gmail to automatically label the fetched email so you know where it came from.
    Using the ‘Fetch’ method means that people will continue to email you using your other address (e.g. and gmail will make your responses be *from* your other address as well. Gmail will just be acting as your mail center for all the address you have set up.

The image below is a screenshot snippet of my gmail inbox. I have it fetching my email. Notice the green ‘labels’ telling me what email address each message was sent To. Only one message – the Daily Blog Tips – has no label, meaning it was actually sent to my address.

When I reply to a message, it will be ‘From’ the same account as it was To.

gmail inbox

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2 Responses to Using Gmail for All your Mail

  1. I thought you would need to know that this website isn’t showing up right on my iphone. Cool site though!

  2. Fran Vogt says:

    I had an email account with Google but closed it because I was getting many, many spams that I wasn’t able to block. They were from some Canadian pharmaceutical company. It took me forever to make sure that they were all from that company before I could delete them, even in batches.

    Did you ever encounter anything like this, and if so how did you manage it?


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