Leesburg, Florida and Computer Boot Camp

We’re at Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg, Florida.  This is a very large and active park.  Nearly 1,000 sites.  I’d say the majority are permanent, park models, but there are plenty of RV sites as well.  Here’s our site:



They’re on a waterway that we’re told leads to the gulf. We’ll check that out in our Google Earth class tomorrow! Very old Florida feel with the Spanish moss.





When I say ‘active’, I’m not kidding.  Take a ride around and you’ll see people playing volleyball, tennis, shuffleboard, and softball.  And, our friend Roxie, who scheduled our computer classes here, told us it was difficult to reserve the rooms because of so many activities already on the schedule.  And, she made the arrangements last October!

Every seat was taken for our hands-on Computer Boot Camp, and I was very impressed with their eagerness to learn.  Even though we chopped the class down to one day – 6 hours,  I think it went quite well. 


By the end of the week, we had 16 new members for GOT Class (Geeks on Tour Online Classroom.)  It made us realize the partnership we are now developing wit computer clubs, so we’re starting a new page here to list GOT Clubs!

To see more about the HTR Computer Club, check out the club’s blog.

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