New Show-Me-How Videos for Blogger

HTML Errors

"I was unable to publish my Blog post because of an HTML error: HTML Error
What is it? And how do I fix it?"
Watch the Video:

New Post Editor:

They’ve done it! Blogger has improved the post editor and given us the ability to insert a picture right where we want it rather than at the top of the post.
Watch the new Video: New Post Editor – Adding Photos (membership required)

Backup with Export.

Over time, your blog becomes *very* important. I feel very safe with it hosted on Google’s Blogger … BUT … stuff happens, as they say. The only way I feel completely safe is to have a copy of my blog on my computer. Blogger now has a built-in method for doing that. It’s called Export. Just go to your Blog’s settings, right on the Basic tab, and you’ll see ‘Export Blog.’
Watch the new Video: Exporting your Blog (membership required)
Past videos: Backup your blog, including images , Duplicate your Blogger Blog to WordPress

Using Labels.

As your blog grows, you need a way to find posts and group them together by different topics. For example, during our 6 years traveling in our motorhome, we’ve visited 11 Presidential museums. Sometimes I want to see all the blog posts I’ve written about Presidential Museums. I do that by using Labels.
Watch the new Video: Adding Labels (membership required)

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