Use Live Writer for Blogging

I’ve written about Live Writer a couple of times: Article 1, Article 2. I now use it almost exclusively for all my blog posts – both Blogger and WordPress.
Watch the new Video: Demo of Blogging with Live Writer

lots more videos coming soon on Live Writer

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3 Responses to Use Live Writer for Blogging

  1. Marty Hill says:

    Thanks for the video on “Live Writer.” It is really great for use without being on-line. These “hints for better living” are really great. Marty Hill

  2. Marty Hill says:

    Chris, was experimenting with Blogger and Live Writer attempting to create a new blog…I can access the blog, however when I try to bring it up using the Title (The Roamin’ Hills) or the address ( I cannot find it. I have another one using My Trip Journal that I am also unable to access using the Title (Personal Trip journal-Marty & Roz A Pair of Kentucky Loafers) Title: The-Hills-of-Kentucky. I have these on my Favorites and they come right up, but I would like to send the access info to a friend for them to also view them, as busy as you must be I would understand if time did not permit you to mess with this, but if you can….any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Marty Hill

  3. Marty Hill says:

    Follow up, noticing the site above is now highlighted, I clicked on it and found “this page cannot be found in the blog The Roamin’ Hills….when clicking on The Roamin’ Hills on the page that comes up, the blog appears….why will it not appear when I type The Roamin’ Hills into a Google search? Marty

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