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by Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour:
If you are interested in American history, as we are, you will love visiting Presidential Libraries/Museums. We make a point of visiting them whenever one is nearby.  In our 6 years of RV Travel we have visited 11 Presidential Museums.  Reagan’s museum wow’ed us with the actual Air Force One airplane and a panoramic view of the California hills.


We saw the humble beginnings of Herbert Hoover in West Branch, Iowa:

And got close and personal with the Lincoln’s in Springfield, Illinois.

We can relive any of these visits because the stories and photos are all on our Blog.  Without the blog, I have no way of telling you when we visited any of these places! With the Blog, I can give you dates, maps, photos, and links to more information about the places we’ve visited. 

Sometimes I spend several hours revisiting some part of our travels and being reminded just how special this fulltime RVing lifestyle is.  I would keep the blog just for myself, even if no one else ever looked at it.  But, it is also a wonderful way to share our travels with family and friends.  They never need to wonder about where we are or what we’re doing.  Since we post to the blog several times a week, they actually know much more about our life than when we lived around the corner.

But, how do you find our blog posts just about Presidential Museums?  After all, we’ve been keeping this blog since April of 2003.  We have over 1,200 post pages.  I make sure to apply a ‘Label’ to each post with a word that gives some indication about what the post is about.  For every Presidential library we’ve visited, we make sure the post is labeled with the words ‘Presidential Library.’   When you visit our Blog now, you can see a listing of all the Labels on the right side.  If you click on the link for ‘presidential libraries’ the page will refresh and you will be viewing just the 11 post pages that were written about our visits to presidential libraries.


Our Blog is created using the free system, and it makes adding a label to posts very easy.  Other blogging systems have similar features.  WordPress and Typepad call them Categories.

I’ve often said that I’d like to write a book.  But, wait!  I already have … 1,200 pages of a book anyway.  And, the table of contents and index are already done for me automatically.  The Table of Contents is the Archives where every page has a title and is organized within the month and year that it was created.  The Index is the Labels (aka Categories.)

We think that Every Traveler Needs a Blog!

Chris Guld,
Computer Education for Travelers

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