Do you turn your computer off?

We leave ours on all the time.  The only time we turn them off is when we are on the road.  Some people say you should leave your computer on because the act of turning the computer on and off will actually shorten it’s life.  Others say you should turn your computer off when not in use because it uses too much power.

Do you turn your computer off?  Leave a comment below.

There is a middle road, and it’s called ‘Sleep.’  With Vista, that is the preferred state.  For Macintosh, here’s an article about Sleep.  If you put your computer to sleep in between sessions it won’t take so long to boot up the next time.  It will just pop right up to where you left off.  If you put it to sleep overnight, and you are plugged in to power, it will wake itself up to do scheduled tasks like backups and scans.  My computer does this every night while I’m asleep so it doesn’t slow down operations during the day when I want to work.

Watch the video below for an excerpt of our Geeks on Tour Show-Me-How topic about Vista and the Sleep option.

Chris Guld,

Computer Education for Travelers

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4 Responses to Do you turn your computer off?

  1. Ella Marie Hayes says:

    We turn our computer off when lightning and thunder are near, although we have a surge protector.

    Also, does turning off the computer clear the RAM when we have been doing a lot of large photos, etc.

  2. Jay Coffman says:

    We live in our trailer full time. We have a new laptop with Vista and like you, keep it plugged into a surge protector and on, using the sleep mode.

  3. Jeanenne Forster says:

    I turn my computer off just like I turn off appliances and lights when I’m not using them.
    We live in our motor home and use a Verizon aircard to get online. It takes about a minute for the computer to come alive and five (5) seconds to get online.
    Jeanenne Forster

  4. Beth says:

    We have 2 computers in the RV – the desktop is on all the time except when traveling. The laptop is shut – ie goes on “stand by” – almost any time I’m not actively using it. It has nothing to do with power saving, it’s mostly because the bird lives next to it and I often get bird seeds under the keys if it’s left open… LOL… I think the sleep setting is equal to the stand by?

    Both computers are fairly new, but use XP – no Vista in our hh. We use a satellite dish to get online but I often do off-line stuff – photos, genealogy, etc., and reboot to clear the cache every day or two.

    My brother swears!!! that they need to be turned off after every use! Bah humbug.


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