Every Traveler Needs a Blog!

Even before we started RVing, I wanted to write about it. I had discovered George and Tioga’s blog on the web and thought that looked like a great way to put your writings on the web. We have been posting stories and pictures to our blog since April 2003. Be sure to watch the video tour of our blog, it’s a good introduction.

image Once we actually hit the road, our friends and family were able to travel along with us by reading our blog and seeing the photos. It was fabulous. We were able to leave everyone behind, yet stay more in touch than when we lived around the block! We believe that every Traveler needs a Blog! So many people would love to live the way we do, I think it’s downright stingy not to share it!

So, what is a Blog? First of all the word is actually Weblog. It comes from putting together the idea of keeping a ‘Log’ – you know, like “Captain’s Log, Stardate 1704.8″ – and putting that Log on the Web. But, in our fast-paced society 2 syllables is just too much to say! So, we shorten it to Blog. Secondly, it is created using an ‘Instant Publishing’ system – you don’t need to know anything about html or ftp like you would to build a regular website. There are many of these systems, but we like Blogger the best. That is what we use and what we teach. It is a free program from Google.

Can you make a Blog? Absolutely! Just watch the videos. Geeks on Tour teaches a seminar called “Every RVer Needs a Blog”. You can download the seminar handout, just please only use it for yourself as it is copyrighted. Each time we’ve presented this seminar, at least one person in the audience has immediately gone back to their computer and had a blog published within the hour.

When you make your blog, be sure to go to the Geeks on Tour ‘Your Blogs‘ page and add it to our list!

Chris Guld

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