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People tell me their computer problems … just call me Dear Abby of the computer world!  This week, I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve lost their favorites because they have a new computer, or have switched browsers.  There are several ways to backup your favorites for safekeeping and transferring, but I think the best solution is not to keep them on your computer in the first place. 

Keep your list of favorite websites, on a website!  I use iGoogle and, but there are many such systems. If you have a Google Mail (gmail) account, then you can make an iGoogle Home Page for yourself.  First, go to  In the upper right corner, you should see the ability to ‘Sign In’ as well as a link to iGoogle.  First, sign in with your Google account – usually your gmail username and password.  Then, click on iGoogle, and you’ll be prompted for the things you’d like to see on your personal ‘Home Page.’

One of the options for your home page is a list of Bookmarks.  This is where you can add names and addresses of the websites you visit most often.  If you do that on your iGoogle home page, they will be available to you on any computer.  If you can get to the web, you can go to, log in, and view your iGoogle home page.  There are several different styles of ‘gadgets’ that can hold your favorite links.  There are also gadgets for news items, weather, email, and much more. 


Do you use a personalized home page?  If so, is it iGoogle, or something else? 

Chris Guld,
Computer Education for Travelers

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3 Responses to Keep your online favorites … Online!

  1. Orv Hazelton says:

    JIM and Chris: I am hardly able to express how valuable I find your tutorials. I look forward to your classes at Nick’s Gypsy Rally in a few weeks. By the way. . . Nancy and I definitely desire to renew our subscription with you: don’t let our time run out! Thanks for all. . . as always, Orv

  2. Judy says:

    Saw the words cloud computing and read your article out of curiosity — didn’t know what this was about. It hit me like a thunderbolt!! Thanks for the iGoogle info. I’ve known about this site, even set up my own for awhile, but didn’t really realize the value of having an iGoogle account and what it could do for me … have been using gmail for over a year now and love it to keep track of all our different e-mails.
    We travel with 2 laptops — so keeping the favourites online will be an awesome perk . Also, I go back to my place of work every Spring and work in a different office with a different computer —- none of my favourites are EVER there where I want / need them! This will make my (computing) life simpler at work and at play. Thanks!!

  3. Larry James says:

    The next logical stage is to store all your files as well as your bookmarks online!

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