Wireless Internet – 3 ways

Ever since we started living in our motorhome in 2003, we’ve been learning, and teaching, about how to connect to High-Speed Internet on the road. We were doing this in seminars long before we started making our Computer Tutorial Videos. I finally got around to making a short video overview of what we know. There are 3 different ways to connect wirelessly to the Internet, High-Speed, on the road:

  1. Satellite
  2. Cellular
  3. Wi-Fi

Computer Education for Travelers

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4 Responses to Wireless Internet – 3 ways

  1. Brenda Hart says:

    Have you looked at the new Mi-Fi from Verizon? I am trying to decide if I can get rid of my dsl and land line and just use the mi-fi and cell phones. I can’t decide if the 5g is a limiting factor for us. We just do web surfing and e-mail, but don’t want to be limited. We are not full-time, obviously, but do like to travel as much as we can and sure miss the internet when we are on the road. I check e-mail on the free wi-fi, but worry about the security for banking on somebody else’s wi-fi. What do you recommend?

  2. Claire says:

    I had just answered a post on RV.net about tethering your cell phone to
    your laptop and had put a link to your page. About 2 minutes later I recieved the link to your new video.

  3. chris says:

    Yes! The Mi-Fi looks wonderful – and we’ve heard good reports from actual users. Whether it’s good enough to be your sole connection depends on how good Verizon is at your home. The 5 gigabytes is plenty for browsing and email even for 2 people – just keep an eye on it.
    As or Wi-Fi security for banking – your bank’s website handles that so it is perfectly safe to connect to your bank on public wi-fi hotspots.

  4. chris says:

    You were the one to first tell me about tethered broadband right?

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