I Love my Satellite Internet

Wooded site with satellite Internet access at Lost Valley Lakes

I write a lot about the 3 different ways to get high-speed Internet as you travel: Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite. We use all three. Satellite is by far the most expensive. In the past year, we have heard from so many people who love their cellular Internet that I’ve considered getting rid of our satellite dish and going all cellular.

I’m glad I didn’t! And, I didn’t really consider it very strongly. I’m very spoiled with never having to be concerned about Internet access. As long as we have a clear view of the southern sky, we have high-speed Internet.

We are currently staying at a delightful park in central Missouri – Lost Valley Lake. We found this place because of our memberships. We have a Thousand Trails membership (TT) and a Resorts of Distinction (ROD) membership. This means that, if we can find either a TT or an ROD park in our vicinity, we can camp for free. Well, not exactly free … we paid a lot for our memberships … let’s call it ‘prepaid.’ In any case, a membership park will always be our first choice, so when we found ourselves in Missouri we saw one ROD park and made our reservations for 2 weeks. This place is gorgeous! It is heavily forested, but we still got a site with plenty of open view to the southern sky, so our Datastorm Satellite dish got locked on right away and we have Internet.

I am way behind on my website-building work, and have been looking forward to these 2 weeks to get them done. If I didn’t have Internet access, we couldn’t stay here. Our cell phones are constantly ‘Searching for Service’, so cellular Internet access is out of the question. The park has Wi-Fi, but only at the clubhouse. I do some of my best work in the middle of the night, so the clubhouse Wi-Fi doesn’t do the trick for me.

I checked the Verizon coverage map and it claims that we have digital coverage here. hmmm Maybe with a good antenna and amplifier we’d be able to get it. But, since we have a satellite, I don’t have to worry about it. I love my satellite Internet.

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2 Responses to I Love my Satellite Internet

  1. peter quick says:

    Hi – love your site – thank you!
    we live in Canada – trip lots to the States. Are you aware of “best” service (internet) for going between our 2 countries?

    • chrisadmin says:

      Peter – so far I know of no good solution for both US and Canada … except Satellite. One of these days a cellular provider will allow roaming without charging exorbitant rates … but, to my knowledge, that day has not yet come.

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