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Most RVers we know have either already driven to Alaska, or they want to drive to Alaska.  Our friends, Greg and Marilyn Gundy drove there and spent over 3 months in 2007.  They’ve been talking about it non-stop ever since and are going back … right now!  The best part is that Greg is a writer, photographer, and avid Blogger.  That means we can all go along!




In case you don’t know what a blog is … it’s like a travelogue that anyone can create on the web.  Your own personal journal/photo album/travel map that you can allow anyone to see.  It’s a fabulous way to keep in touch with friends and family you’ve left behind.  And it’s surprisingly easy.  Whenever you visit a Blog – you will see the most recent post (article) on top.  As you scroll down, you will be going back in time.


Greg started blogging after taking one of our ‘Every RVer Needs a Blog’ class in  November 2006. He’s kept up his posting every few days ever since.  Every part of his blog is a good read – but the part about Alaska is full of a special kind of passion – a fever even.  Their 2007 trip is chronicled in 37 posts (web pages) where they discuss more things to see and do in Alaska than you can imagine.  As it turns out, they got the Gold Fever bad!  They’ve even joined the Gold Prospector’s Ass’n of America.


Read the Current Blog – en route to Alaska:
If any of you are interested in the trip, I highly recommend reading the Gundyville blog.  Just go to to follow along with their current journey.  Their plan for this summer is to Work-Camp at the Gold Camp in Chicken, Alaska


Read the 2007 Blog – a complete Alaska RV trip:
To get the background, or plan for your own Alaska trip, I recommend you read the 2007 story by starting at the first post – the day they were at Mile 0 on the Alcan highway.  When you get to the bottom of that one, just click on the link for ‘Newer Post’ and that will take you to the next page in the story.  You can keep reading and clicking on ‘Newer Post’ to read the blog just like a book.  (If the link doesn’t work for you, it may be because you’re using the Firefox browser – it works fine in Internet Explorer – no clue why?!)


Do you have an Alaska blog?:
I know that several others out there have blogs from their travels to Alaska.  And even more will be going there this year and blogging about it.  If that’s you – please leave a comment with your blog’s address so we can all enjoy the trip with you!


Chris Guld,

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