Google Earth and The Rally

Yesterday, at The Rally, we presented our Google Earth seminar.

Happy faces of Google Earth Audience
From Geeks on Tour April 2009

It was great fun.  Most of the people in the audience had already used Google Earth a little, but I know they learned a lot by the end.  At one point during the seminar we mention that ‘some people think that Google Earth is just a way to look at a satellite image of your house.’  That brought a lot of nervous giggles from the crowd – apparently we were talking about them :-)   Although we did show how to look at a satellite image of your house, we spent the rest of the hour and a half showing all the other things you can do with Google Earth, and exactly how to use it. 

Chris Teaching Google Earth at The Rally
From Geeks on Tour April 2009

If you missed the seminar, you can download the seminar handout from our website for free.  Actually, you can download all of the seminar handouts if you’d like.  Just, please respect that this is for personal use only – if you’d like a seminar presented you can contact us with the email link also on our website.

Here’s a video overview of the seminar:

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