Ccleaner to Clean your Computer

ccleanerJim provides a service he calls ‘Computer Cleanup’ for Windows-based computers. It’s kind of like a tuneup on a car. He charges a flat rate of $99 for this service. Sometimes it takes 3-4 hours, sometimes it takes 3-4 days! Every computer is different, and he has a lot of tools and tricks that he goes thru to accomplish the end result. He almost always uses a free software program called CCleaner, and he recommends it for everyone to do standard maintenance on their computers. Here’s what he says about it:

“Nearly every computer comes with programs you don’t need.  Day to day use of your computer creates files and configurations that can slow your computing experience.

CCleaner is a popular free utility that helps rid your computer of unused programs and junk files. It is fast and powerful.  It will speed up your Windows and give you more disk space.
CCleaner allows you to uninstall programs from CCleaner itself. You don’t need to go into Control Panel.

It also allows altering your start-up programs, similar to the Windows MSConfig Utility. A Registry Cleaner is included to locate and correct problems in the Windows Registry such as missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions and application paths.
Having a clean computer has many advantages.  Malware scans take less time.  Defragging is faster.  Just using the program makes you more aware of your system and the programs you use.
I use CCleaner when I get a new computer to uninstall unneeded programs and optimize the startup.  I also use it regularly along with other utilities to keep a computer clean and running efficiently.

Because CCleaner is so powerful, it is important to use it with care.  Don’t delete things unless you are sure.” Here is the link to the program: where you can download and get more information.

Geeks on Tour Paid Members can view a video on downloading and running CCleaner.

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