We’re all a-Twitter

Yes, we’re trying to be part of the tweet generation! We also have facebook accounts. And FMCA Community, and Plaxo, and Linked In, and … and … and …

Twitter logoThe proliferation of social networking sites is overwhelming. But, Twitter and Facebook have become just too popular to ignore, so we’re on there trying to figure out what it all means. (anybody know where Mr. Natural is?)

If you don’t know about Twitter – think of it like a micro-blog. People write whatever they want, whenever they want, but they’re limited to 140 letters. So each writing is short. Jim is doing the twittering for Geeks on Tour. If you’d like to follow along, you can do exactly that. It’s called ‘Following.’ You need your own Twitter account (it’s free and easy) and then you just go to the Geeks on Tour Twitter page and click on the ‘Follow’ link. After you do that, all of our Tweets will show up on your Twitter page. If you’d like to just see the last few ‘tweets’, we’ve added that to the sidebar of our blog … on the left, just below ‘Recent Posts.’

Most of us think that it’s weird and frivolous to write a sentence about whatever is on your mind and think that anyone cares. But, there’s no denying that a phenomenon is occuring here, and we want to know where it is leading. Check out this TED video by the co-founder of Twitter, discussing some of the unexpected uses of Twitter.

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One Response to We’re all a-Twitter

  1. Lyndon says:

    Great article.

    Twitter is a great way to increase your brands awareness, but it is also very important to have the correct type of followers – they have to be interested in what you have to offer.

    So somebody who blogs about home improvement, and somebody who tweets about the NASA space station do not have anything in common via Twitter.

    The moto is simple, make friends who have something in common, just like you would in real life :) .



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