Backup with Karen’s Replicator

If you’ve ever attended one of our Geeks on Tour seminars called ‘Safe Computing’, you know how much we preach backups.


Everyone will someday experience a computer crash, or mistakenly delete a file, or overwrite important data. It’s not a matter of *if* it’s just a matter of *when.*

If you have a backup of your data, then the loss is a minor nuisance involving the time to find your backup and restore it to it’s proper place. If you don’t have a backup it can be catastrophic.

There are *so* many ways to make backups. You need to investigate the choices, understand your files and what you have to back up. And, last, set up a procedure to follow.

I use an external hard drive and a free software called ‘Karen’s Replicator.’ You need to spend a little bit of time configuring Karen’s Replicator, but I love how customizable it is. For example, I can set it to backup my accounting records once a week, my email address book once a month, and my website development work every day.

Karen's Replicator

I also like that it is a file by file copy. So it is very easy to find a file I need to recover and just copy it. No need for a Restore program or procedure.

You can find more information about Karen’s Replicator at You can also download it at

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  1. Tony says:

    I use Karen’s Replicator too, but find that it takes a bit of customising to get it to backup just what I need in one hit. The reason is that you can’t easily select specific sub-folders to include or omit, however doing as you have done and having multiple backups is a good idea. Each backup is then very quick, instead of one horrendously long one, and you can set up multiple schedules, so that data which changes frequently (email) is backed up more often than data which rarely changes (web sites).

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