Health Risks to Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is the same frequency as microwave ovens – 2.4 GHz.  I’ve seen our microwave oven interfere with our WiFi signal.  I’m not about to put my head in the microwave and turn it on … but, I have had my head in a WiFi ‘oven’ for over two years now.  WiFi is low-power where microwave is high-power. 

We use WiFi to create a network which includes our Satellite Internet connection, my computer, Jim’s computer, and our printer.  This is all inside our 8/5′ X 30′ motorhome.  If anyone would be feeling the health risks of WiFi, it would be us.  I don’t think there’s any problem – but, if you’re curious, you may want to read this article. 

News » Wi-Fi Killed My Baby! – Make it wear Faraday cage diapers?

An interesting note for RVers … the article suggests that a Faraday cage will protect you.  What’s a Faraday cage?  Well, it’s kinda like an RV – a metal box that shields everything inside from electrical and radio frequencies.  And people wonder why their tiny built-in WiFi adapter doesn’t work so good inside their RV. Signal will drop 30 – 70% just by moving from outside to inside your coach.  Make that 90% for a Prevost!

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