Mailing Labels for Holiday Cards

Although this is not a travel related topic, I seem to get several questions this time of year about how to print mailing labels. I use Microsoft Word, as do many other folks, but it ain’t easy! I keep looking for an easy way to do mailing labels, since so many of us only do this once a year, it’s hard to remember how from one year to the next!

What I found this year is Avery is the company that makes the popular mailing labels that you’re probably printing on. If you go to their website, you can use their service for free to print on your Avery labels. They’ll even print a holiday graphic as well. And, you can use your mailing list that you already have created in a spreadsheet, or in a comma-delimited file.

In case you don’t have a spreadsheet, and don’t know what I mean by comma-delimited, look below.  NOtice that this is a list of names and addresses where each name is on one line and a comma separates each ‘field’ from the next.  It is very import to have the same number of commas in each line because that is how the computer knows where the name ends and the address starts.  The first line tells the computer how to read the following lines.

Last Name,First Name,Address,City,State,ZIP
Bedecs,Anna,123 1st Street,Seattle,WA,99999
Gratacos Solsona,Antonio,123 2nd Street,Boston,MA,99999
Axen,Thomas,123 3rd Street,Los Angelas,CA,99999

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One Response to Mailing Labels for Holiday Cards

  1. Cathy Daley says:

    Thanks Chris! I’ll give it a try. I’m hoping I can use the data I have in my computer on the Word program we put together. The Avery program looks like it uses a different set up, so I’m not sure if it will work. I did have a chance to sit down and try again after I talked to you. With the help of some notes I had written in “Word 2007 for Dummies,” along with the notes I had written when we worked together in Arizona, I was able to put together a set of labels, which should get me through this year. However, I’m hoping to try the Avery program after we head to Florida in January, so I’m in better shape next year when needing to print out another set of labels. Thank you, so much, for all of your help!


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