Safe Computing: Scan for Everything

It’s an unfortunate fact of computing life today that there’s all sorts of nasty stuff that can get into your computer and slow it down or do other damage. You need to have anti-virus software running at all times, as well as a anti-spyware software. You can read our recommendations for these programs in our seminar handout “Practice Safe Computing.” If you’re coming to the FMCA convention, this seminar will be held on Tuesday at 3pm in Seminar 4.

What I want you to know about now is a way to ‘double-check’ that all your anti-badware software is working. A way to scan your computer for all sorts of problems at once, and fix any problems that it finds. It’s from Microsoft, and it’s free. It’s called Live Onecare and it is web-based. If your computer has access to the Internet, you can run an up-to-date scan. Just go to One Care Live Safety Scan and click on ‘Full Service Scan.’ Unlike some other free web-based scans, Onecare will also fix any problems it finds. It scans and fixes registry problems as well. The registry is Windows’ administration database. Every time you install a program, some information is stored in the registry. Every time you uninstall, that information *should* be removed, but it often is not. A registry full of garbage can cause problems for your computer.

If you’d like me to show you how to run Onecare – you can view the Geeks On Tour video tutorial.

That’s all for now. If you’re coming to the FMCA convention in Redmond, please come to our seminars! We’re presenting 6 different computer-related seminars. The complete schedule is posted on the home page of our website, and at on the Redmond Convention page.

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