Adding Video to your Blog

When Google bought YouTube, you knew there was going to be major improvements in the ability to add video to blogs made on Blogger, because Blogger is also owned by Google. Well, it didn’t take them long! Take a look at our blog post for July 4. You will see the video included has the B for Blogger trademark in the lower right corner. It was as easy to upload this video as it is to add a picture to my blog!

Video upload dialogFirst, you must get to your blog with the web address of That’s it! Just use the ‘Draft’ version of blogger, and you will see a new button in your toolbar:Blogger's new Upload Video tool

Just click on this and it works like uploading a photo. Browse to the video on your computer you want to upload. Give it a title and agree to the upload terms. After you click the Upload Video button, it will take a while, be patient. When you publish your blog, the video will be embedded.

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