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Technology makes our life possible.  We have made our living as Computer professionals since the early 80s.  Now, we live in a motorhome and travel the country.  With WiFi and Satellite Internet, computers and cell phones, some clients barely know we left. 

For a full year of our travels we worked for a company who installed WiFi hotspots in RV parks.  We visited nearly 60 RV parks in a support role.  We presented seminars and visited users one-on-one.  We learned a LOT about what works and what doesn’t with WiFi. 

We’ve been keeping a personal Blog about our journey at www.jimandchris.com and we occasionally talk about  WiFi or other computer and technology issues. But, we’d like to talk about it more.  So we’re devoting this Blog to writing about technology for RV Travelers by RV Travelers.

Any posts you see in this Blog that are previous to February 26, 2006 are actually links to appropriate posts in our personal Blog (which we’ve been keeping since 2003), or articles we’ve written elsewhere.  I’m hoping to make WiFiSavvy.com a collection point for everything Jim and I want to say about using computers and related technology while living on the road.  It is also intended to be a commercial endeavor.  We hope to have some products to sell, we will be hosting ads, and we are open to sponsorships.

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One Response to Welcome to WiFi Savvy

  1. Steve says:

    Welcome to WordPress, Chris! The site looks good and your content as always will no doubt be terrific.

    Have been following your blogger blog for a year or so and if I can just keep you from refreshing the entire RSS feed every time you add a new post on that site, I’ll be a happy camper! WordPress won’t let you do any of that kind of thing thankfully. You never need to rebuild!

    Congrats again.

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