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Leesburg, Florida and Computer Boot Camp

We’re at Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg, Florida.  This is a very large and active park.  Nearly 1,000 sites.  I’d say the majority are permanent, park models, but there are plenty of RV sites as well.  Here’s our site:   … Continue reading

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Turn your Computer into a TV

by Chris Guld, When we first bought our motorhome, it had 2 TVs.  One in the front, living/dining area, and one in the back – the bedroom. We got rid of both of them and set up a TV … Continue reading

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Computer Backups are Worthless

Has this ever happened to you? Your computer crashes and you take it to a techie who gets it working again but needs to reformat (erase) the hard drive.  You get your computer back with nothing on it.  No problem … Continue reading

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Computers can only connect *everyone* if *everyone* has a computer. It has been widely accepted that this will happen when the cost of a personal computer drops below $100. We’re not there yet, but the current crop of ‘Netbooks’ are … Continue reading

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Using Gmail for All your Mail

Jim just bought a Droid smartphone and he’ll be able to read and write his email on that little device now. So, what does he do when he’s sitting at his computer and sees the same email sitting in his … Continue reading

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