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Use a Blog for a Club Website

We spend a lot of time teaching people how to use to keep a Blog. We define a Blog as a website with dated entries displayed in reverse chronological order. They are usually used as a journal. We keep … Continue reading

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Should you Upgrade to Windows 7?

by Jim Guld: Windows 7 has recently moved from testing to the RTM phase.  That means that Microsoft says it is ready to go, or Released To Manufacturing. What does that mean to you?  Windows 7 is the computer operating … Continue reading

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Do you turn your computer off?

We leave ours on all the time.  The only time we turn them off is when we are on the road.  Some people say you should leave your computer on because the act of turning the computer on and off … Continue reading

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We like RV Parks with Wi-Fi!

It seems like most of our ‘Internet on the Road’ articles lately have been about cellular technology.  Although cellular is getting to be more popular with travelers – we sure like RV parks with good Wi-Fi.  Absence makes the heart … Continue reading

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The Geeks at FMCA

If you take a look at the Family Motorcoach Ass’n website right now – you’ll see Jim’s and my smiling faces.  Right on the home page! And, if you follow the link under our picture … to ‘Mobile Internet’ you … Continue reading

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A Picasa Plug-In for Live-Writer

This is actually a Picasa tip and a Blogging tip.  Many travelers have blogs (simple, instant, websites used as journals, photo albums, or opinion pages) to share their travels with friends and family.  Two very popular (and free) blogging platforms … Continue reading

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Keep your online favorites … Online!

People tell me their computer problems … just call me Dear Abby of the computer world!  This week, I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve lost their favorites because they have a new computer, or have switched browsers.  There … Continue reading

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Google Earth and Corps of Engineers Parks

We’ve only stayed at one Corps of Engineers park that I remember, near Tupelo Mississippi.  We liked that park a lot, and we’ve talked to many people who stay at COE parks and also love them.  Always associated with water … Continue reading

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