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We’re all a-Twitter

Yes, we’re trying to be part of the tweet generation! We also have facebook accounts. And FMCA Community, and Plaxo, and Linked In, and … and … and … The proliferation of social networking sites is overwhelming. But, Twitter and … Continue reading

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Blogging Offline with Windows Live Writer

A while ago, in our personal blog I wrote about discovering Windows Live Writer. It is a program, freely downloadable from Microsoft, which allows you to compose blog entries offline. It works with several blogging systems, including the 2 I … Continue reading

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Is your computer Safe?

You may have heard of a nasty virus about to come to life on April 1. It would be nice if this was an April Fools joke, but odds are – it’s not. It’s called Conficker and its all the … Continue reading

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Geeks on Tour Tutorial Videos on Disk

We’ve made a lot of new videos over the last few months (we’re over 140 now – about 14 hours worth) and we’ve re-authored our disks accordingly. We’ve divided them up into 2 categories: Boot Camp: videos on how to … Continue reading

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