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Free Computer Software For Travelers

An article that Chris wrote for the Family Motor Coach magazine – reproduced here (with permission), complete with links to all the free software mentioned. Continue reading

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7 Tips for Buying a New Computer

A complete article on buying a new computer would be a book! These are just a few of our opinions.  This article was first published after Vista was released.  Updated entries (2/28/2010) are in blue font. Windows 7 is the new … Continue reading

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Photosynth: Way beyond Panoramas

If you’ve ever taken several photos of a scene and ‘stitched’ them together into a panorama, then you have an idea of a new world to come with ‘Synthing’ photos. Although that comparison is rather like comparing a bicycle to … Continue reading

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Internet, Satellite Dishes, and Trees

I have a love/hate relationship with trees.  I love the beauty, the shade, and the ambiance they provide.  I hate that they block our satellite dish from connecting us to Internet.  It took me a while before I had the … Continue reading

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