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Safe Computing: Scan for Everything

It’s an unfortunate fact of computing life today that there’s all sorts of nasty stuff that can get into your computer and slow it down or do other damage. You need to have anti-virus software running at all times, as … Continue reading

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The #1 Best Thing to Improve your Wi-Fi Internet connection

This is a topic that has received a LOT of coverage. If you look on the ‘Articles’ page of our website, you’ll see a listing of 23 articles about Wi-Fi and at least 7 of them discuss what you can … Continue reading

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GPS and Mapping Software

Jim and I are in serious travel mode. It’s been 2,000 miles and $776 in gas since we left Fort Lauderdale 2 weeks ago. We use the Microsoft Mappoint software (like Streets and Trips) on Jim’s laptop with the Earthmate … Continue reading

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