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Save some buck$ by practicing BUCS

“Everyone else is getting connected on the WiFi, but even if I get connected, it is so slow.” I’ve heard it many times. Slow response is something that everyone experiences during a computer session. But, if the culprit is not … Continue reading

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Your side of a Wi-Fi hotspot

The equipment you use to connect to a WiFi hotspot is VERY important. Believe it or not, your equipment – computer / adapter / operating system / drivers – is just as important as the hotspot’s equipment in making the … Continue reading

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Welcome to WiFi Savvy

Technology makes our life possible.  We have made our living as Computer professionals since the early 80s.  Now, we live in a motorhome and travel the country.  With WiFi and Satellite Internet, computers and cell phones, some clients barely know we … Continue reading

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