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Wi-Fi: The Best of Speeds, The Worst of Speeds

by Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour: We spent the past week in Essex Junction Vermont at the FMCA Northeast Area Rally (NEAR.)  To our surprise and delight, there was Wi-Fi available right at our parking spot.  We could tell it … Continue reading

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We like RV Parks with Wi-Fi!

It seems like most of our ‘Internet on the Road’ articles lately have been about cellular technology.  Although cellular is getting to be more popular with travelers – we sure like RV parks with good Wi-Fi.  Absence makes the heart … Continue reading

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Keep your online favorites … Online!

People tell me their computer problems … just call me Dear Abby of the computer world!  This week, I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve lost their favorites because they have a new computer, or have switched browsers.  There … Continue reading

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How much is 5 Gigabytes?

If you use a cellular service for your broadband Internet connection as you travel, you are probably aware of the 5 Gigabyte per month limitation on your usage. The obvious question, once you’re told that your account has a 5GB/mo … Continue reading

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Internet by Tethered Cellphone – Reboot

We are currently at a rally in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  We’re using our Verizon Cell phone, tethered to our laptop , for our Internet access.  (To see what I mean by Tethered cell phone, watch the video on this page.)  … Continue reading

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Wireless Internet – 3 ways

Ever since we started living in our motorhome in 2003, we’ve been learning, and teaching, about how to connect to High-Speed Internet on the road. We were doing this in seminars long before we started making our Computer Tutorial Videos. … Continue reading

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Internet by Data Card for Travelers

Your options for connecting to the Internet have changed a lot in the 6 years we’ve been on the road. In 2004 we had to convince people that high-speed was better than dial up. The main option was Wi-Fi. Cellular … Continue reading

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What is Twitter?

by Geeks on Tour:  Twitter can be used to keep up with the RVing, or any other, community.  So many people ask me about Twitter, it must be time for an article.  I like to explain by example, so let … Continue reading

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We’re all a-Twitter

Yes, we’re trying to be part of the tweet generation! We also have facebook accounts. And FMCA Community, and Plaxo, and Linked In, and … and … and … The proliferation of social networking sites is overwhelming. But, Twitter and … Continue reading

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Tethered Cell Phones for Internet

I’ve written about this before, but I’ve learned more since then.  This is a fabulous option for Internet access on the road, especially for part time travelers because it does not require a separate contract.  It’s a feature of your … Continue reading

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