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Part Time Mobile Internet Connections

As fulltime RVers, we have no problem signing a 2 year contract for Internet service from Verizon, but we know many people who only travel part time. What are their options for mobile Internet service? A couple years ago, your … Continue reading

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Antivirus Slowing Your Computer?

Practice Safe Computing. You need to have security programs (Antivirus and Anti-Spyware) for your computer if you access the Internet. Security suites are notorious for hogging system resources and requiring frequent updates. The most popular programs tout many extra features, … Continue reading

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New Fulltime RVers ask, “How do we Get Internet on the Road”

Email from Ron, “Hi, We are new-bees and are gearing up to doing fulltiming RVing. We need a wireless service that will do our banking, and pay our bills, we also would like to have the the ability to watch … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi is Like a Box of Chocolates

by Chris Guld, Wi-Fi can be the best way to connect on the road: All current laptop computers have the capability to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots Wi-Fi hotspots are easy to find.  Lots of RV parks, cafes, truck stops, … Continue reading

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Windows 7 = Wi-Fi Hotspot

by Jim Guld, “…any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke Connecting a Single Computer For the RV traveler, Internet connectivity is a lifeline.  Connecting even a single computer to the Internet can be a daunting … Continue reading

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Cell Tower Overload

RV Rallies present major issues for Internet Access.  Rarely is Wi-Fi provided throughout the rally grounds, and, when you try to use your Cellular provider for data, you may find it doesn’t work so well. That was our experience at … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi – A Better Antenna will Get You a Better Connection

by Chris Guld, We’ve said this time and time again, but it’s been a while and we have a lot of new readers. If you’re using a Wi-Fi hotspot and it’s not working so great, get an external Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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Technology Top 5 for 2009

by Chris Guld, Jim and I are always learning about new technology – it’s what we’ve done since the early 80s – and there is plenty to keep us occupied.  But, 2009 has been remarkable when it comes to … Continue reading

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Computing in the Clouds is Good for RVers

Have you heard of ‘Cloud Computing’?’  It means using applications on the web rather than on your computer.  Blogging is one example, it’s all web-based, any computer will do.  As long as you can connect to the Internet (the ‘cloud’) … Continue reading

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Upload Content to your Kindle

The Kindle eBook Reader from Amazon is great for RVers.  I appreciate the ability to have hundreds of books and magazines in our motor home without taking up more space than a single book. Books are usually delivered to the … Continue reading

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